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With a smartphone, everyone is a professional photographer, or are they? | Ep 07

By July 15, 2020 Podcast

Welcome to CONTENTious a content marketing podcast that tests some of marketing’s biggest myths through conversation.

Joining me in the studio today is my dear friend and photographer, Krista Eppelstun. We’re talking all things photography – both the professional kind and what you can do on an iPhone.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The power of phone cameras
  • How to set yourself up for DIY photography success
  • What time is the right time to engage a professional photographer

If you enjoyed this episode the best thing we could see is you getting more snap happy in your business. We want photography to be more accessible to more of you. Shake that fear and have fun with it.

As always,  if you’d like more information about today’s episode, you can find the show notes at mediamortar.com.au/contentious