Quarterly Marketing Mentoring

Have you been looking for a marketing guardian angel for your business? Put down your Google Search, you’ve just found one.

We’re proud to offer a Quarterly Marketing Mentoring program, which has been designed so you feel like you have a regular meeting with the Chief Marketing Officer for your business (that’s us), who is there to help you achieve your business vision and higher business purpose.

In your strategic whiteboard session (1.5 hours), we’ll help to set your direction and you’ll walk away with an activity plan with deadlines to execute across the quarter ahead.

You’ll then have one accountability phone call (30 mins) in the following month, where we check in with your progress and actions from the strategic session to make sure you’re on your way to making marketing magic. We’re so adamant about accountability because we know making plans is the easy (fun) part – but actioning them? Well that gets a lot harder when you have competing business priorities.

Then, one month after this, we’ll reconvene with a phone call (30 mins) and share with you a report card of recommendations, including a short-term vs. long-term flighting plan to help you continue implementing key strategic marketing tactics.

If this has piqued your interest, let’s talk more.

Quarterly Marketing Mentoring
Program at a Glance:

1 x 1.5-hour strategic whiteboard session where we crystallise your marketing plan and set a clear direction on achieving your marketing goals – in person in our Brisbane office or online Zoom

1 x 30-minute accountability virtual call in the month following where we check in with your progress from the actions of the strategy session

1 x 30-minute virtual call in the two months following where we provide you with a list of strategic recommendations and a flighting plan


How will you know the Quarterly Marketing Mentoring program is for you?

  • You are highly driven
  • You want your business to experience more sales than you know what to do with
  • You are open to advice and are happy to roll up your sleeves to action it
  • You think strategically and know that your marketing actions today pay off with new business leads tomorrow

Rather than us tell you, let’s hear from other Quarterly Marketing Mentees:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quarterly Marketing Mentoring suitable to any industry?

Absolutely – we currently have Marketing Mentees from a range of industries including tourism, lifestyle, construction, beauty and legal.

Do you only work with clients with big marketing budgets?

Not at all – we focus on your budget and if that’s zero dollars, we’ll suggest a range of free marketing tools that are within your immediate reach.

Do you only work with established companies or are start-ups ok?

We all started somewhere and we’re not too big for our marketing boots to remember we started with a DIY website and logo for $50 too. We always suggest you market within your means and that’s our starting point for everything we do. To do otherwise would be a waste of your time and ours.