Meet the Media Mortar Content Crew


The Boss

If you looked up the definition of pocket rocket, you’re likely to see Hannah’s face there. She barely clears five foot, but could easily enter herself in the heavyweight content marketing division.
Hannah is chief of strategy, ideation and content - and goes by #BossHan at Media Mortar. She’s an award-winning publicist, social media expert and paid media enthusiast, who loves nothing more than putting a target on her audience’s back and hitting them with bullseye accuracy.

Drinks: Gin

Kristy (K5)

Content Manager

If they were handing out PHDs for organisation, Kristy would be first in line to collect the scroll. She’s a master of a spreadsheet and to-do list, which is why she’s aptly in charge of content at Media Mortar.
Her background in music management also makes her suitably qualified to pick the daily soundtrack for the office - just don’t ask to skip a track.

Drinks: Long black, with a dash of milk

Rochelle (Rocky)

Content Guru

When not climbing mountains on two wheels, Rochelle can be found on the hunt for the best almond croissant around town. A lover of good coffee, food and wine, and with a passion for travel, Rochelle is always on the lookout for new adventures locally and abroad.
Rochelle has more passport stamps than most, before joining Media Mortar as a content marketing graduate, she spent 10 years in the air - as a hostess for Qantas, which cemented her love of destination marketing and helping connect customers with travel information.

Drinks: Batch Brew


Design Guru

A cosmetic surgeon of the brand world, Conrad is responsible for making sure all aspects of design and branding look good. He can give just about anything the Cinderella treatment from logos, brochures to car wraps and billboards.
When he’s not behind the screen for Media Mortar, he’s championing the war on waste from the ground up, teaching children to reduce their impact on the planet with his Knowbots, a team of robots who share their knowledge with their human allies.

Drinks: Flat white in a KeepCup (of course)

Coffee Machine


Creative Strategist

Predictably perfect, every time.

11/10, would hire.