Meet the Media Mortar Content Crew

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The Boss

If you looked up the definition of pocket rocket, you’re likely to see Hannah’s face there. She barely clears five foot, but could easily enter herself in the heavyweight content marketing division.
Hannah is chief of strategy, ideation and content - and goes by #BossHan at Media Mortar. She’s an award-winning publicist, social media expert and paid media enthusiast, who loves nothing more than putting a target on her audience’s back and hitting them with bullseye accuracy.

Drinks: Gin

Belinda (Bel)

General Manager

In primary school, Bel was presented the ‘all-rounder’ award which has since become the perfect metaphor for her career in marketing. It’s not to say she doesn’t have ‘areas of expertise’, but in a marketing landscape that’s ever changing, being a generalist rather than a specialist has been Bel’s greatest string to her marketing bow. With over 12 years’ experience in marketing, events and partnerships, working across sport, fashion and tech brands, Bel is passionate about putting experiences at the forefront. Her laser focus on experiential-first marketing has served her clients well – as no matter what industry you’re part of, the customer experience is what always drives sales. Bel loves brand matchmaking and likes to put on her cupid-suit to marry up brands with strategic partners and allies to leverage opportunities they might otherwise not be able to achieve themselves. With a background in sponsorship and event strategy, she knows her way around a partnership agreement like she does her local café’s breakfast menu. When it comes to client work, she believes that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly – those lucky to work with Bel will know attention-to-detail is her personal trademark. From working for sporting teams in Queensland, to global brands in London, Bel has loves nothing more than igniting her curiosity by exploring a new city. That being said, these days you’ll find her enjoying an old-fashioned on her deck with her dog Bobby.

Drinks: Small flat white (occasionally on oat milk)


General Manager

Liz has over a decade’s experience in marketing and communications roles within a variety of industries – from agency, to automotive, agricultural and non-profit. No matter the industry, Liz is passionate about helping organisations build long-term, profitable relationships with their stakeholders by executing planned, relevant marketing and content strategies. With a background in digital marketing, social media and content, you can speak to Liz about anything from website content to social media to out of home billboards!

Liz is a self-claimed life-long learner and enjoys helping others grow in their career and improve their marketing. She does this through her podcast, Your Marketing Mates, and by leading the Queensland chapter of the mentorship program, Assisterhood. When she’s not listening to podcasts or chatting to other creative professionals, Liz is busy hanging with her two small kids, her husband and her puppy Morris.

Drinks: Single origin filter long blacks or good old Bushells tea


Content Marketing Specialist

Crafting fresh and holistic content across multiple platforms, Melissa is a passionate storyteller. With a strong background in social media management and public relations, she knows how to put a gripping spin on any story. Born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula she’s a wholehearted lover of the ocean. When she’s not soaking in the ocean air or drinking coffee at her local, you’ll find her out in nature exploring camping spots with her much loved (and very sweet) Golden Retriever, Honey.

Drinks: Cold brew



Content Marketing Director

Elise is a hands-on strategic marketing leader with a flair for understanding and analysing the who, what and why to deliver brand-centric content. Her experience across B2B and B2C markets highlights how versatile she is. A keen eye for detail and passion for growing brand awareness, exposure and presence through exceptional content marketing make her a desirable asset to any content strategy.

Elise loves the great outdoors, and you’ll often hear about her camping adventures with her family and two English Springer Spaniels, Hunter and Macchiato. With the skills to make haloumi from scratch, Elise is the kind of person you want around in a zombie apocalypse.

Drinks: A long black or simple gin and soda


Content Marketing Specialist

Luke loves managing content just as much as he loves getting on the sporting field. He has been able to apply his business studies from the University of Queensland to the workplace originally as an intern, and now as a team member at Media Mortar. Growing up in a large family, Luke is well practiced at organisation. He enjoys employing creativity in content planning, researching and delving into the relationship between a person’s actions and a well-formed marketing campaign. Luke is a big fan of ‘market research’ and you will often find him chasing an authentic experience of the destinations and experiences he promotes.

Drinks: Milk with a side of coffee


Content Marketing Manager

Isobel is a marketing and brand specialist who loves delivering creative solutions that cut through the digital noise, build meaningful relationships and achieve exceptional results.

Isobel has over 10 years of marketing experience in a range of industries from major sporting events, mining and construction, luxury travel and fashion. She’ll walk a mile in her clients shoes, whether they be steel cap boots or high heels.

In her downtime she is travelling, entertaining at home or making memories with her son, husband and dog.

Drinks: Iced latte


Content Marketing Support

Born with a thirst for film and art, Liam is your go-to creative for all things visual and video related. After graduating with a dual degree in film and advertising from the Queensland University of Technology, Liam quenches his passion by combing eye-catching and creative content with strong brand messaging.
Many would say Liam is a creative nerd but they don’t know the half of it. Liam embraces this label proudly by bingeing a new TV series each week, playing the saxophone or painting for his personal project Perty Productions. Packed with a GoPro, a tripod and a few trending audios – Liam is prepared for any and all content marketing adventures.

Drinks: Juice

Coffee Machine


Creative Strategist

Predictably perfect, every time.

11/10, would hire.

In fact, did hire.