Do you need a speaker?

If you’re looking for a powerhouse keynote speaker, you better get ready because Media Mortar has a tendency to erupt on stage like a power-packet of dynamite.

And you’ll want to listen up, because when it comes to marketing, your audience has never had more choice. And you’ve never had more competition.

But don’t worry, we have a cure for that – content marketing. We’re here to help teach you how to build stories into your brand.

One thing is for certain, the need to stand out is no longer a nice to do, but a necessity to gain cut through and build a connection with your audience.

And that’s our speciality. Getting your audience to stop their thumb scrolling, sit up and pay attention.

You’ll find our keynotes are:

  • Tactical
  • Energetic
  • Relatable
  • Implementable

See us in action

Our sessions cover three focus areas

Welcome to the storytelling economy

If you run a business that can’t compete on price (clue: that’s 99% of all businesses), you have to compete on story. Stories create an emotional connection, something that facts and figures and data dumps just can’t achieve. This presentation breaks down what’s normally an esoteric topic into simple steps to build into your marketing plan.

How to market to millennials

Narcissistic, entitled, rude … I’ve heard lots of ways to describe millennials (like us), but you better listen up because your business doesn’t just need them, it depends on them. This talk shifts thinking towards our millennial friends and provides a blueprint to building your businesses’ millennial masterplan.

The most powerful marketing tool is right in front of you

What if we told you that you had the tools to reach hundreds of thousands, millions even billions of customers right in front of you? You’ll find your answer in your mobile phone. This presentation empowers action in even the most reluctant social media user to use these platforms to transform the sales of your product, service or event.

Meet your speaker

Hi I’m Hannah,

I’m the sort of person you don’t want to get caught in an elevator with, because my elevator pitch is likely to follow you all the way to the rooftop, into your next meeting and maybe a boozy lunch beyond that (I can tell we’re friends already).

Put simply, I’m a content marketer. But what I really do is tell stories.

If we want to get specific about it, I sell stories. I’ve built a career telling other people’s stories, using words, images and videos.

I’m on a mission to spill my storyselling secrets and share what I know about forming connections with customers.

My approach is tactical rather than theoretical, because in my view, the world already has enough unread marketing guides – and I’ll be damned if I’m going to create something that’s not helpful.

Instead, I do what I do best. Talk.

But what are we really like?

Following the content marketing principal of show don’t tell, we’ll let these clients share their experience of hiring us to present.

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