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TikTok in 2024 – A content marketers’ prediction

By November 27, 2023 Stories
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TikTok in 2024 – A content marketer’s prediction

We can’t see around corners at Media Mortar, but we like to try! At this time of year, we like to make predictions about our favourite social media platforms – and the one we’ve been most excited about is short-form video content leader, TikTok.

Now with almost all our clients on the TikTok train, we’re excited to predict the future of the platform for the year ahead.

From enhanced in-app experiences, to rises in the social media app’s popularity, to deeper dives into the TikTok algorithm, the 2024 landscape is set for exciting transformations – and as content marketers, we are here for it!

Get in the know for TikTok of 2024 – find out our thoughts on the internet’s predictions and learn what we’re secretly hoping will develop as well.

Outlook on organic content of 2024

What the world thinks:

As we step into 2024, the consensus is clear; TikTok will remain the unrivalled social champion, dictating social media’s short form videos trends. Moreover, the platform is anticipated to continue to transform into an even more influential space, using its reach to amplify voices championing social causes, news, and of course trending music, products, and even travel.

What MM thinks:

Aligning with the general consensus, we foresee TikTok’s continued role as a trendsetting powerhouse. Trends originating on TikTok are likely to cascade into the realms of Instagram as they have already been doing, solidifying TikTok’s position as the content trend-setter.

We also expect more brands to join to the TikTok force as they sit up and pay attention to Gen Z and their purchasing power.

Believe it or not, The World Economic Forum has released that Gen Z (aka people born between 1991 and 2005 who make up 60% of all TikTok users) will be the largest generation in the workforce by 2025. So, as we move into 2024, it’s probably time we all stop quibbling if we should join TikTok or not.

Recognising the evolving landscape of social media is in the hands of Gen Z, we emphasize the increasing importance of content sharing. In the face of creator oversaturation, the act of producing sharable content is becoming not only a means of expanding reach, but a crucial strategy for organic content to break through the noise.

As we navigate the year ahead, the collaborative nature of content distribution will play a pivotal role in shaping trends and ensuring organic growth. Collaborative content can be a strategic investment such as influencer collaborations or sponsored / partner posts, or it can be as organic and simple as posting reactions or adding opinions to other content – such as trending online discussions – as a way of influencing sharing from audiences.

Paid advertising over the 2024 horizon

What the world thinks:

Market predictions indicate that TikTok’s advertising revenue is set to surpass both Meta and YouTube’s combined video ad revenues by 2027, marking a significant shift in the digital advertising landscape in the coming years.

Allow us to really blow your digital socks off now. How’s this for context? In 2022, Meta and YouTube had a higher combined ad revenue than all TV and out of home advertising globally. The fact that TikTok is now expected to outperform both in only a few years’ time is mind-blowing, especially seeing as the app was only launched in 2016.

This incredible surge is expected to be accompanied by increases in effectiveness for marketers leveraging the platform. These predictions spark many questions for those looking to invest in social media marketing next year; are more marketers going to catch on to the TikTok advertising trend in 2024 because of this expectation?

What MM thinks:

We totally agree that marketers should anticipate a surge in TikTok advertising participation. In fact, in 2023 we’ve been running both organic and paid campaigns in tandem on the platform for most of our clients.

However, this surge in ads will come at a cost both to the brand and the user experience.

To the brand, we know all ads are getting more expensive – so advertising spends will need to increase in 2024 to achieve the same, or similar results.

To the consumer, an oversaturation of ads could impact the popularity of the app. Looking ahead, we believe TikTok advertising will continue to lean more towards entertainment through partnership collaborations and continue to look less like traditional advertisements, which is not a bad thing for your audience.

We would like to note that traditional ads may struggle to resonate with Gen Z, as TikTok continues to dominate their attention. However, lower-quality TikTok ads might pose a risk to brand credibility among millennials and older audiences.

We are mega fans of lo-fi content, but for it to be effective, make sure you are aware of who your audience is and how you are targeting their advertising preferences.

Predicting (and hoping for) the next key features and updates

What the world thinks:

There are many hopeful TikTok updates on the horizon, some of which we’ve seen roll out elsewhere across the globe and we are crossing our fingers that they make their way Down Under soon.

It seems there’s always anticipation of further development of in-app tools to encourage creators to fully edit and create their videos within the TikTok app.

There’s also excitement about TikTok Shop becoming its own scrolling subsection on the app as a way of enhanced e-commerce accessibility (like Instagram’s shopping tab), which we’ve already seen in action overseas.

The call for transparency in the mysterious TikTok algorithm is gaining traction, with some countries already having TikTok features such as “Why this video” buttons that help explain why a specific video has been targeted to you. Maybe we will see similar features make their way to Australia in the new year?

Additionally, there’s been rumours of updates in search capabilities, allowing keyword searches to also include words from comments, not just those mentioned directly in posts. Hello, in-app user experience improvements!

What MM thinks:

We see a substantial opportunity for TikTok to elevate user experiences. We envision the platform offering in-app experiences similar to mini websites specifically tailored for official brands, e-commerce, games, and services.

We imagine this becoming like its own ecosystem, so once you’re in, you never have to leave – as opposed to limited-time pop-up app experiences that come to an end and leave the communities they created wondering if there’ll be another.

This potential was glimpsed when Disney collaborated with TikTok, creating an in-app experience resembling a separate app within the app. Although this was a one-time trial, we foresee this becoming a more widespread feature, allowing companies to craft their own in-app experiences to form communities and create buzz about up-and-coming products, opportunities, or promotions.

As TikTok continues to innovate, the landscape of digital experience is set to expand offering users and brands dynamic new avenues for engagement. How is your organisation planning ahead for the TikTok of 2024?

If you’re looking to learn more about how your business can take the reins of TikTok marketing in 2024 and beyond, we would love to hear from you! hello@mediamortar.com.au