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Does Instagram actually convert into sales? | Ep 10

By September 3, 2020 Podcast
Welcome to CONTENTious a content marketing podcast that tests some of marketing’s biggest myths.
In this episode, we talk about whether or not Instagram actually converts into sales leads.
There’s no better person to talk to about this than Chris from Big House Little House, who uses Instagram to drive sales into his business and has used Instagram to grow an organic following of 50,000 people. Not bad for a small business based here in Brisbane!
In this episode, we share:
  • What the customer journey looks like from Instagram to an IRL (in real life) meeting
  • How Chris built his following organically and you can do the same
  • His tips for social media growth (spoiler alert: it takes time)
Of course, if you do want to know more from this week’s episode – if you head to mediamortar.com.au you’ll find our social media handbook which reveals all our Instagram secrets.
As always, if you’d like more information about today’s episode, you can find the show notes at mediamortar.com.au/contentious