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5 ways interning can kick-start your career

By April 18, 2023 Stories

5 ways interning can kick-start your career

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “university sets you up for the real world,” but what if I were to tell you this couldn’t be further from the truth?

My experience interning at Media Mortar has sparked a new love content marketing through real world application.

Don’t get me wrong, textbooks are lovely. But there’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty with an immersive internship that sees you not only on the tools, but exposed to a whole toolbox full of new information.

Since recently completing Media Mortar’s Launchpad Internship Program, as a way of paying it forward to other students. I’m sharing the five reasons I think interning is the best way to kick-start your career.

1. An internship is a sure-fire way to build industry relationships

They say your network is your net-worth and while I’m not sure 100 per cent it’s true (yet), I do know it’s important to establish industry relationships from the out set.

As a soon-to-be-graduate who otherwise works part time in hospitality and retail, one of the easiest ways to connect with professionals in the marketing / communications industry is by interning.

Rather than flying solo at the next university networking event and mustering up the courage to talk to an industry expert, internships provide a much less intimidating way to meet industry professionals (and skip over all the small talk).

Through an internship, you’ll generally have access to senior levels of management (especially if you opt for small business, like Media Mortar). Which is your opportunity to shine in front of key decision makers.

Through these relationships, you’re ultimately building your professional network and resume at the same time.

2. Internships are an opportunity to gain industry experience

By their very nature, universities can only get you so far when it comes to industry skills. However, with an intern role, you’re able to see how real businesses, tackle real challenges, in real time. Which is a heck of a lot more exciting than reading about case studies in textbooks several years after the fact.

Through an internship, not only will you be exposed to a range of clients and situations, but you’re also likely to try different styles of marketing – from social media, press releases, to blog posts like this.

These tasks act like a tasting board of your chosen industry, offering insight into what you might like to specialise in down the track. Rather than going into your career blind. You never know, you may find a newfound passion for blog writing like I did.

Interning gives you a chance to go behind the scenes and have a peek at areas of marketing you never knew existed. This is something which has set me up for an exciting future in the field.

3. You can put theory to practice

The simplest way to get the most out of your university learning is to put all that theory into practice.

When studying, content is presented in the form of lectures with no way of applying the theory to real situations. I know I’m sick of lecturers asking me to apply marketing strategies to a business with a fake marketing problem. Instead of sinking our teeth into real life examples.

During my time at Media Mortar, I’ve found my internship a great way to connect classroom learning to real-world experiences. Whilst, coming up with innovative solutions along the way.

4. Internships are a known pathway to employment

It’s no surprise, internships are the ultimate stepping-stone into skyrocketing your career.

Everyone knows applying for a first job is difficult. This is due to employers wanting experienced graduates who by their very nature are fresh out of their degree. News flash – an internship is one of the fastest ways to become hireable.

When you complete an internship, no matter the avenue you choose, you can prove you have immersed yourself in a workplace. Learning hard and soft skills, like the all-important office experience fresh graduates dream of putting on their resume.

5. You are gifted the opportunity to learn from others in the industry with no (major) expectations

In an intern role, you have the ability to learn from others in your field and gain feedback you can’t otherwise obtain in a classroom.

Consider yourself a sponge and soak up all the learnings. In my experience, no one expects you to have all the answers, but they do expect you to have questions. So don’t be shy!

Internships are a soft place to land, and you’ll find the feedback invaluable, personalised, and professional.

Remember to take feedback constructively, after all, you’re there to learn and are unlikely to get it right the first time.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull your resume together and apply for an internship program like Launchpad.

If your experience is anything like mine, interning is the ultimate kick-start to your career in content marketing. Helping you gain skills so you too can think, live, and breathe like a content marketing pro!