The Story

Tropical North Queensland won the bid to host the annual Australian Society of Travel Writers Conference, which sees over 100 of Australia’s leading PRs and writers descend on Cairns for a weekend conference. Our team was engaged to manage the pre and post-famil conference, to coordinate 13 different media famils spread as far north as Cape York and as south as Mission Beach.

What happened next

We brought out our famil-coordination guns, whipping the delegates into spreadsheets, coordinating activities, negotiating with operators and creating individual itinerary templates for each famil. Yep, over 100 different personalised itineraries.

The program at a glance:
100 media
13 famils
53 operators
4878927539280734902752098347 emails sent

To ensure we could deliver a spectacular famil program to the delegates, we engaged Media Mortar. Hannah and Kristy were as eager to deliver an exceptional experience for our guests as we were. They worked seamlessly with our team, proactively planning experiences with operators that would blow our guests away. The on-ground support during the convention was essential and provided five star service for those exploring the region.

Kelsey AndersonManager Events