Speed Date a Strategist

Have you heard the saying ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’?

Well the same can be said about marketing planning days when there’s no changes to those sitting in the room.

We’re proud to launch our latest service offering, Speed Date a Strategist, which injects us into your marketing planning day for fresh thinking, new ideas and to ask the questions people internally might be too scared to ask, like – why are you doing that?

Consider us like a marketing advisory board – a resource you can tap into when you need fresh thinking and none of the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ approach.

Instead, Speed Date a Strategist is the equivalent of ordering fresh ideas on demand – something that’s SO important when you’re ideating a marketing plan to sell the same product or service year in, year out.

Speed Date a Strategist at a glance:

You = host a planning day

You = invite us to come

We = leave you with our ideas, thoughts and concerns

You = put it into market (aka execute it), drive sales and pat yourself on the back

Want to get involved?

Simply email to book in!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

Established marketing teams looking for extra brain power to help with cooking up the perfect marketing plan.

When can I get started?

Now is the time! We have a limited number of spots available each month so email us to book in.

Where does the session take place?

This depends. If you’re based in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, we’ll come to you (COVID allowing, of course). Otherwise we are happy to join your meeting virtually.

What does it cost?

Simply our hourly consultancy rate.