DM Auto-Responders for the Hair Industry


In working with countless small businesses in our Quarterly Marketing Mentoring program, the resounding challenge we hear from our clients is not that they don’t have the skill to market their business, but that they’re short on time to market well.

It wasn’t until we were presenting at a State event for the hair & beauty industry that we realised that although salon owners are incredibly time poor, they weren’t actually using all the automations available to them.

For many, instead of proactively marketing they were spending hours (!!!) reactively responding to DMs.

After working 40+ hours on the floor, they’d retreat home wherein they’d start their next shift of answering benign questions about “how much for this, that and the other”.
We know immediately that we needed to help.

Enter this resource, which outlines how you can utilise Instagram shortcuts to pre-populate responses to your most frequently asked questions, so you can get back to DM’s faster and focus on more revenue-raising marketing activities.