While you’re on site, we help manage yours!


While you’re on site, we help manage yours!


While you’re on site, we help manage yours!


We’re a marketing agency for the construction industry.

Welcome to Media Mortar, a Brisbane-based agency helping the design & construction industry build, grow and manage their brand’s presence.

Our tools, to help you trade:

  • Facebook Strategy & Management

  • Instagram Strategy & Management

  • Houzz Strategy & Management

  • Website Design

  • Blog Posts

  • Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Publicity

  • Signage

  • Award Submission Writing

  • Tender Proposals

  • Videos (including commercial drone)

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • New brand identity

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

How does it work?

Marketing Strategy

Let’s do this!

If it’s time to put some TLC into positioning and promoting your business, let’s work together to:


your following and client base


your brand’s look and feel


your brand presence


why clients should choose your product


the business you want to run


industry-leading content campaigns

Why you need us:

Number of active Facebook users in Australia, you can reach by optimising your content
Number of active Instagram users in Australia, you could reach if using the platform correctly
Of all purchases started with an online search, so make your website stand out
The percentage of people who make it to the third page of Google. That's why it's important to optimise your content, so you can target the 99%!

Meet the Team

Hannah Statham

The bricks to this Media Mortar (aka Director)

Hannah is the kind of girl who doesn’t leave the house without a few hashtags in her handbag. She’s the strategist, chief content creator and all round digital native who leads Media Mortar. She’s an award-winning publicist, social media expert and paid media enthusiast – who loves nothing more than proving that social media is more than just selfies but a potent tool to target the clients you want.

Alex Coppo

The Mortar Magician, making everything look polished and professional

Alex Coppo is the man behind Media Mortar’s lens. When he’s not shooting from his drone, he’ll capture the world from his lofty 6’4″ heights, with his Canon 5D mkIV. Fresh from the architecturally inspired streets of Norway to the job sites of Brisbane, Alex is the king of the flatlay, master of the flattering head shot and illusionist when it comes to making a person knee-deep in concrete look good.

Krista Eppelstun

Made of more than just digital media mortar

Krista has a digital toolbelt, the envy of most marketing professionals – we’re talking website design, photography and videography and that’s before you’ve seen any graphic design. She’s the ultimate mortar maven, and plays an essential part in laying the foundations for your online presence.

Lizzie Stafford

The secret ingredient to our traditional media mortar

With a background in editing newspapers and magazines, Lizzie is to Media Mortar what a measuring tape is to a building site (read: invaluable). She brings an eye for detail to make sure our work reads as good as it looks.

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