The Story

A builder walks into a content marketing agency’s office with nothing but a business name …
Not a joke, but the start of a cohesive brand strategy and how PNC Built was born.

What we did

We laid the foundations of the PNC Built brand from scratch, including:

Thornycroft - PNC Built - IMage by BHLH

Designing a new logo and branding elements
Uniforms for all staff
Site signage, car wraps and toolbox
Designing a new website
Social media management (Facebook, Instagram and Houzz)
Photography and videography on site

The happy ever after to our client’s story

PNC Built have grown their social media following from zero to successful, with over 3400 people double tapping their content

PNC Built’s website traffic has grown more than 500%.
With qualified leads flying in the door so fast PNC were able to work out within seconds when their contact form malfunctioned

We also learnt a bunch of new words that we like to wheel out to impress trades people with when they come to the office.
Like, how about that mitre?

“Media Mortar are my one stop shop for all things marketing. From my brand and logo creation, website, merchandising, site signage and social media management, Media Mortar have been my go to content marketing team for two years now. I feel like they are a part of my team and completely trust and rely on them for marketing advice.”

Phil NearhosDirector