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How to blog like a #boss

If you’ve ever seen us present live, you’ll know we always suggest brands use blogging in their organic strategy.

Why? Blogs are a sure-fire way of bringing people to your website and then keeping them there for longer. And when you keep people on your site for longer, you’re in a position to drive more sales, which is really why you’re engaging in marketing in the first place, right? Sales = money in the bank.

There’s only one problem – getting started – especially if you don’t fancy yourself a writer.

That’s about to change.

If you’re wanting to write like a pro, it pays to make a plan for your blogs like one. Across this one hour webinar, we’re lifting the lid on how to blog like a #boss.

You can leave fears, inhibitions and writer’s block behind you. Simply, BYO your favourite cup of creativity (coffee, wine, water – we don’t discriminate!) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are you ready? Of course you are!

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Wednesday 3 February
Time: 1-2pm AEST
Location: Zoom


But Media Mortar, I’m not a good writer

Well, you won’t be if you keep telling yourself that!

Across this free webinar, we’ll help you map out how to write a blog and structure it in a way that’s engaging for the reader.

You can trust us, each year we write more than 80 blog posts for clients on top of our own and have honed our creativity into a process anyone can follow.

Whether you identify as a good writer, a great writer or fall into the ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’ category, we’ll help you put pen to paper and have the bones of a blog post as the output from this session.

We don’t think it’s a bad exchange for just an hour of your time.

What will you learn?

Across the hour, you’ll learn:

  • How to find keywords for your blog
  • How to turn keywords into an angle aka something interesting enough for people to read
  • How to isolate your desired audience and identify why they care about your blog
  • Tips to getting started, undoubtedly the hardest part of any blog writing process
  • The power of revisions and editing
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Count me in

Wednesday 3 February 2021
Time: 1-2pm AEST
Location: Zoom


What can you do in the meantime to prepare?